Zero Robotics

Program a robot in space! Zero Robotics is a space-based programming competition for middle and high school students. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) runs the program in collaboration with NASA and CASIS.

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Plant seeds that flew in space!

Learn about plant research on the Space Station and plant a garden with space-flown seeds!

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Cybersecurity Pipeline K-20

Building Cybersecurity Pipeline in the U.S. and beyond in support of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) program, the Academy in partnership with CECOR (Consortium Enabling Cybersecurity Opportunities & Research) will recruit students at all levels and engage them in cybersecurity activities, offer scholarships for talented students, provide summer training opportunities for undergraduates and teachers to create a robust research, education, and training program.

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Academy of Excellence

Our vision for the Paine Academy is to equip each student with the education needed to be ready for college, career, and citizenship by focusing on the individual student's needs. We will accomplish this by providing a rigorous curriculum program which fosters a student's natural talents and innate ability for personal success.

We further distinguish ourselves by creating a best-in-class program which prepares every pupil to soar in the present and projected digitally driven culture. The Academy of Excellence prides itself on partnering with industry leaders in agriculture, technology, computer-based sciences.

Our developing inter-disciplinary team is sharp and our dedication to student excellence is unmatched. The Paine Academy of Excellence will build lifelong learners and leaders who are ready to excel in the inevitable technological discoveries of this present age.


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