Our Approach

We distinguish ourselves by creating a best-in-class program which prepares every pupil to soar in the present and projected digitally driven culture. We equip each student with the education needed to be ready for college, career, and citizenship by focusing on the individual student's needs.

Our Story

The foundation of the Academy is an Earn and Learn Model through which students will have campus experiences beginning K-graduation. The Academy was designed to: (1) increase access and graduation rates of underrepresented, underprepared, and low-income students in Agriculture, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programs; (2) reduce time to completion; (3) improve college affordability; and (4) improve learning outcomes of all students at the Academy.

Meet the Team

We value our productive partnerships and realize that we would not be able to launch our program without the feedback and support from our community. People are our #1 Assets.

Paine College

Lead Institution

Paine College is a historically black College located in Augusta, Georgia. As the only minority serving institution in the Central Savannah River Area of Georgia and South Carolina. The College is working on diversification of its educational programs to include Cybersecurity Certificates.

Boggs Rural Life Center

Formerly known as Boggs Academy

We have partnered with Boggs Rural Life Center to expand our research and educational activities to rural America. Boggs was founded in 1906 under the aegis of the Board of Missions for Freedmen by the Presbyterian Church is the USA as an outstanding college-preparatory academy for Negros. The school was closed in 1984.


The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)

CASIS has committed to working with us on our bold and creative educational program, to open ISS to our students, and to connect us with the Space Station Explorers educational program, as funded by NASA.

Next Steps...

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