Cybersecurity Certificate

Earn your Cybersecurity Certificate and gateway to the National Laboratories for an exciting career in STEM. Instruction is provided by distinguished faculty from Paine College.

Space Station Explorers

We connect people with the International Space Station. We use our special access to the International Space Station to create unique research and educational environments for students to explore Agriculture, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


The Academy is utilized to educate youth, graduate professionals, and benefit outcomes assessments nation-wide. Evaluators will use the logic model to guide the assessment system. Data collected will be systematically compared to those students who did not participate in the Academy; and continuously utilized to fulfill the goals and outcomes of the Academy. A mixed method evaluation will include implementation and impact studies.

Cisco Networking Academy

Through our variable interest entity we blend the Cisco Networking Academy into the overall framework. Key core offerings through the LMS include: Python (coding), Internet of Things, Cybersecurity Essentials, Introduction to Networking, Routing and Switching. Students earn professional certifications in: A+, CCNET, and CCNP.

Life Coaches

Each student, upon entering the 9th grade, is paired with a life coach that will assist them with various decisions that impact their career, including the pivotal decisions.

Next Steps...

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